Hundreds of Burmese refugees flee to Thailand

Stock photo via Wikimedia Commons

Hundreds of Burmese refugees are fleeing to Thailand in a risky bid to escape the Myanmar army, which seized the government in a coup on February 1.

The Royal Thai Army has set up temporary camps to deal with the massive influx of immigrants.

Burmese asylum seekers are joining members of the ethnic Karen group by attempting to take refuge in a hilly border region featuring the Song Kalia River, which separates the 2 countries.

The head of the foreign affairs department of the Karen National Union, Padoh Saw Taw Nee, told DW that there are now over 2,000 refugees in the camps by the border.

“Most of them are young people. There are a few doctors; the others are journalists, lawyers, lawmakers and also people who have abandoned the police and military.”

He told DW that troops from Myanmar were trying to enter the camo where civil disobedience movement members were staying.

The rebel army initially stopped about 200 soldiers and 8 trucks from entering, but 5 hours later more soldiers arrived, demanding to enter.

Source: The Thaiger