Immigration warns foreigners and visitors of fake visa extensions


The Immigration Bureau announced yesterday after a number of complaints from tourists and visitors regarding extending their visas amid the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

While some immigration offices have requested that expats to file their 90 day residence reports reports online to promote social distancing and avoid crowded conditions, officers say fraudsters have been going online on Facebook and other social media platforms telling innocent users there’s no need to go to an immigration office for a visa extension, that it can all be done for you for a fee of 1,200 THB.

This is false. You must go in person for a visa extension. But that’s going to be long grind, and potentially unsafe.

At the moment, with sometimes confusing information being published daily about rules, flights and visas, immigration chief Sompong Chingduang and his spokesman Surapong Chaiyajan says that the Immigration department is on the lookout and searching for these conmen who are taking advantage on tourists. These officers ask for information about fraudsters to be relayed to them by calling 191, 1599 or 1178.

“Those stranded in Thailand who needs a visa extension must go to an immigration office in person with the required documentation.”

Meanwhile every stranded tourist or visitors with expiring visas are hoping like hell the government will announce a visa amnesty to avoid the stress, confusion and potential danger caused by packed Immigration centres around the country.

Source: ThaiVisa | Naew Na