Ingrid’s Anti-drowning Project in Nong Plub

Ingrid’s Anti-drowning Project in Nong Plub
Ingrid’s Anti-drowning Project in Nong Plub

After seeing the vast difference in the horrific number of children drowning in Thailand compared to the few in Australia, Ingrid Grenville decided to do something about it.

She has joined forces with the long time Lord Mayor of Nong Plub , a very successful business woman in Hua Hin, to build a swimming pool so that local kids can learn to swim. The Lord Mayor, who has been in that position for the past 17 years, opened a school about a year ago at the back of his Office for underprivileged children between the ages of 3 and 5 to now spend their first years in education.

Land has now been set aside opposite this school where the swimming pool will be built to offer free swimming lessons for young children age 3-5 years. A special bank account has been opened where people can make donations for the project and a website is work in the process to facilitate the recruitment of experienced swim trainers and people interested in swim coaching children. Although there are already funds for this project sponsors are also being sought.

Contact: Swim 4 Life