Inside the ultra modern eco homes in Hua Hin that can save you money on energy bills


A property development in Hua Hin is the blueprint for eco-friendly and sustainable homes of the future.

The villas are among some of the most unique additions to Hua Hin’s ever growing property market and have been designed with eco-friendly living and low maintenance in mind.

The eco homes are part of the Baan Phu Thara property development – a gated community with a total of 58 villas constructed over three phases in the Hin Lek Fai area of Hua Hin.

Ideal for environmentally-conscious homeowners and those looking to keep energy bills down, each property has many low-energy features including high performance double glazing, smart energy efficient air conditioning systems, LED lighting and rainwater harvesting.

But one of the standout eco-friendly features of Baan Phu Thara is the community solar-electric system that offers an innovative and sustainable solution to supplying power to the villas in the development.

Each villa at Baan Phu Thara is fitted 3kw of solar panels as standard that help to generate electricity.

The community solar system then takes part of the electricity generated from the solar panels installed at each villa and shares the power across the other properties in the development.

It means that during daylight hours, the community solar system produces a significant percentage of its own electrical energy.

This in turn means that the development as a whole is less reliant on using electricity from the main government supply, helping to reduce the cost of the unit rate to all households and saving homeowners a significant amount of money on their energy bills.

“It’s important in our modern times to start working together to achieve a more sustainable future and it’s something we have focused on at Baan Phu Thara”, Sales and Marketing Manager Scott Beecham told Hua Hin Today.

The villas at Baan Phu Thara also feature Q-Con super block walls, which consists of a special building material that combines lightweight with high strength and provides a number of advantages over alternative building materials through superior properties such as thermal insulation, acoustic dampening and fire resistance.

The Q-Con blocks offer excellent insulation and can reduce heat transfer 10 times better than ordinary concrete blocks, helping to save up to 30% on energy bills.

The blocks also have superior acoustical properties, helping to reduce the amount of outside noise that can be heard from inside a villa.

“The location of Baan Phu Thara is significant”, Scott said.

“The project is 56 metres above sea level and is in an open space with surrounding fields and mountains.

“This means we get plenty of cross breezes which means you can close the fly screens and you won’t need to use the air con in the daytime. The solar panels will produce enough energy to run the swimming pool all day,” Scott added.

The ecologically-friendly properties also include a rainwater harvesting system that helps to reduce water usage at each villa.

Rather than allowing rainwater to run off through the drainage system, a more sustainable approach is used with regards to water management.

All villas at Baan Phu Thara have a large underground storage tank and the rainwater from the roof of the villa is piped directly into the tank.

The water is then pumped to a villa through a water filtration system for private use further helping to reduce monthly utility costs.

Baan Phu Thara also benefits from its private, peaceful and secure setting and is located just a short distance away from Black Mountain Golf Course, Water Park & Hua Hin International School.

Nearby is also a growing number of independent coffee shops and excellent restaurants.

The area has become incredibly popular in recent years and is a prime spot within Hin Lek Fai due to its easy access to the city centre, beaches and other leisure activities, which are just a 10 minute drive away.

The eco-friendly villas at Baan Phu Thara are now available for viewings. More information  can be found at