Japanese Ringleader of Fraudulent Call Centres arrested in Thailand

Jinnai Yamato - the Japanese ringleader of fake call centres in Thailand being taken away by Thai police

Immigration police have arrested 30-year-old Jinnai Yamato at a resort in Bang Rak district, Bangkok. Authorities have been looking for him for the past 4 months following a warrant in Japan and was believed to have fled to Thailand.

It first came to the attention of Thai police following the arrest of 15 call centre employees in Pattaya. Those arrested identified Yamato as the leader of the centre, which was operating from Thailand.

Most of the call centre’s victims are Japanese citizens, which had led to Japan issuing an arrest warrant for Yamato. It’s understood that in total, more than 500 victims have been scammed by the call centre operators to a total amount of 89 Million Yen (25 Million Baht).

Yamato was also found to have overstayed his visa and will be prosecuted accordingly and then deported back to Japan.

By: May Taylor                                                                                                            Source: Thai Residents                                                                                                Photos: Tna.mcot.net