Kegs of beer emptied outside the Ministry of Health

Photo: Prachathai

Bar owners and breweries in Bangkok have come together to express their frustration on Covid-19 restrictions by emptying kegs of beer outside the Ministry of Health.

Yesterday’s protest comes a week after the alliance of alcohol sellers called on health officials to lessen the rules that are having a critical impact on their livelihoods.

In a protest, they call “Justice Poured Out” representatives of bars/breweries emptied around 12 kegs of spoiled alcohol down the drain.

Archirawas Wannasrisawas from the Craft Beer Association says the protest was to highlight the amount of beer going to waste as a result of the ongoing sales ban. He says over 300 venues and 5,000 individuals in the Bangkok metropolitan area have been impacted by the restrictions and are currently losing around 150 million baht a month.

The group is proposing that officials allow bars to re-open and restaurants to serve alcohol, provided safety measures such as social distancing, no dancing, and no sharing of glasses.

Alcohol representatives are also demanding additional reforms, such as the removal of the advertising ban and lifting the restrictions on hours of sales.

Source: Thethaiger