Lazudi Expert Tips: How to Remain Profitable Even When You’re Away from Home?


As the third quarter of 2023 is approaching, it is interesting to know what the travel trend for both locals and tourists has turned out to be like.

Do people prefer to experience more local experiences as opposed to others? Is getting to experience the local culture becoming increasingly popular?

Our Lazudi Property expert today is Lazudi’s Sales and Rental Manager Ronny Svaleng who has extensive knowledge and experience with sales and holiday rental. 

According to Mr. Svaleng, there is not one correct answer to this question, but we do think all tourists from abroad do appreciate the local Thai hospitality and the Thai smile whenever they are on a sport holiday for golf, yoga, Kiting or other sport activities, or family holiday or just want a relaxing holiday.

People travel to Thailand for various reasons, but the smile is always there among the locals. 

It is also interesting to know that tourists prefer pool villas or home stay to stay during their holidays rather than spending a night in a chained hotel. As they will be able to experience the feeling of being local and feel like living in their own homes  from the cosy and warm welcome landlords provided to the guests.

There is a rise in popularity of pool villas among those travelling in groups as they appreciate the “home away from home” feeling as well as the sense of privacy. 

Let’s look into this together as our Lazudi Property Expert is here to help explain about the rising trend as well as a simple tip on how to remain profitable even when you’re away (from home). 

First, when it comes to long term lease and short term rental, Ronny Svaleng said that what people prefer depends entirely on their travel objectives. If they come here for a holiday, a short term lease could be an answer. This is so guests can try living and experiencing around the area.

They can experiment and see if they like where they are living before proceeding to sign a long term lease. However, for those who travel for vacation or for short term weekend getaway, they tend to go for a short term rental. 

Speaking of short term rental, what if we have a beautiful home and would like to generate income, what could we do? When asked Mr. Svaleng suggested that as tourism and holiday rental homes is becoming more popular, many property owners begin to rent out their property and make earnings from it.

However, property maintenance is not always an easy task, so that’s where a Holiday Rental Program is here for. At Lazudi, we offer holiday rental programs from tailor-made pricing strategies to property maintenance and cleaning services. Landlords and property owners can rest assured that their properties are in good hands and are well-looked after even when they’re away.  

Mr. Svaleng also further explained that there is no need to worry about the long and complicated processes as listing properties in this program is not difficult at all. All you need to do is reach out to us, have a talk, and we’ll help you do the rest in no time. How we differentiate ourselves from others is we have a great balance between the personal aspect and technology.

This means we create personalised strategies for property owners as well as utilise our tools to help generate income and help property owners get the most out of their properties. 

Lastly, a word of advice from our Property Expert on how to make your home standout is that “Every home can stand out. However, the general rule for a property to stand out is for it to be in a great condition. It should be clean and tidy. Most of all it should be cosy and welcoming for it to feel comfortable and like home.”

That’s it for today’s article. We hope that this article is beneficial to you one way or another. And for those looking for property in Hua Hin whether for buy, sell, rent or interested in the Holiday Rental Program, please feel free to contact us today at Lazudi.