Limited number of trucks allowed at Thai-Myanmar crossing

Hundreds of trucks stranded at the Thai-Myanmar border following a border quota. (Photo: The Nation)

Hundreds of trucks were stranded at the Thai-Myanmar cross-border after a recent quota was imposed allowing only 6 delivery trucks to cross from each side per day. The trucks carried goods from the Mae Sai checkpoint in Chiang Rai to the border town of Tachileik in Myanmar.

The restrictions came after Myanmar has seen a sudden surge in Covid-19 infections just a few weeks ago. The strict measure was part of the effort to prevent the virus from spreading.

Previously, about 170 delivery trucks were transporting goods daily via the Thai-Myanmar border as an effort to strengthen trading relationship between the 2 countries.

However, the new restrictions had caused hundreds of trucks to pile up while waiting to cross the border. Some truck drivers are worried their products may spoil before reaching its destination while others are taking their products to the streets and sell them at the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.

There is still no report on when the border quota will be lifted to allow more trucks to pass through the borders.

Sources: The Nation