Local tourist plunged to his death from a viewpoint in Nong Khai

Photo: 191 Police Rescue Unit/Facebook

A 52-year-old man fell to his death from a viewpoint at a temple in Nong Khai province yesterday afternoon, according to local police.

Seksan Thimaphan, the victim, together with his friends was visiting Wat Pha Tak Seuathat overlooks the majestic Mekong River when the incident happened.

According to the victim’s friends, Seksan was taking selfies from a rock, 30 metres high above the ground when he lost his balance and fell to his tragic death.

Seksan was from Saraburi province and was visiting Nong Khai with his friends on a domestic tour.

Police added that the viewpoint does not actually have any proper safety barriers on the rocks, although a guardrail drilled onto a platform just a few feet from the rock was only meant to prevent visitors from climbing over to the face of the cliff, just for the sake of taking selfies.

Original writer: Adam Judd
Source: Pattaya News
Photo: 191 Police Rescue Unit/Facebook