Man admits to murdering 6-year-old son in Hua Hin

File photo

A man in Hua Hin has been arrested and confessed to the murder of his 6-year-old son in an act of revenge against his estranged wife.

The Hua Hin provincial police took Mr. Nutthapol, also known as Jo, 23, into custody after the discovery of his son’s lifeless body in a sugarcane plantation in Hin Lek Fai on Saturday evening (Oct 28). The child was found approximately 2 kilometers from their home.

Mr. Nutthapol had initially reported his son missing to the Hua Hin police station on October 27, actively participating in the search efforts alongside friends.

However, inconsistencies in his statements raised suspicions, leading to further interrogation by the authorities. Police said Mr. Nutthapol eventually confessed to the murder, revealing that the act was driven by spite and a desperate hope to manipulate his wife into returning to their family following a breakup over a month ago.

The police conducted a thorough investigation, uncovering a series of events leading up to the tragic discovery. According to Police Major General Hongprom Wisitchanachai, Chief of Hua Hin Police, Mr. Nutthapol had taken his son out for a meal on the evening of October 27 before reporting him missing. He claimed that the child was with him throughout, playing with a mobile phone in the front of his car. However, the truth unraveled as Mr. Nutthapol led the police to the sugarcane plantation, detailing how he had suffocated his son and left his body among the crops.

Briefing media on Sunday (Oct 29) regarding the progress of the investigation, police highlighted the gravity of a case involving such a young victim. The police also took Mr. Nutthapol to the scene to reenact the crime as part of his confession process.

The boy’s body was transported to Hua Hin Hospital for an autopsy, with initial findings indicating asphyxiation as the cause of death.