Man arrested after police found 8 crocodiles in his apartment

Photo: Thairath

After getting a call about a man screaming and acting unusual at an apartment in Pathum Thani a province just outside Bangkok, police entered the room and found 8 small crocodiles.

The man had moved to the apartment just a month ago and trashed his place. Messages in Thai were written all over his walls.

It also appeared that the man tried to burn evidence in his apartment. Officials say they also found marijuana and other drugs.

Residents in the apartment building say the man had been acting unusual and had been throwing things out of his room.

Some residents say they were worried that the man may have been using drugs.

The man was arrested, but the media did not report on what charges he is going to face. Police do not know how did the man get the crocodiles or what was he planning to do with them.

Source: The Thaiger