Man arrested for stabbing a woman to death at Pattaya Beach

Photo: Thai reference

A man was arrested for stabbing a woman to death on Pattaya Beach. Dozens of people at the beach witnessed a man stab a woman multiple times with a pocket knife yesterday morning.

Witnesses told police the man and woman had an argument before the quarrel became physical.

The witnesses gave conflicting reports about who attacked first, but they say the man stabbed the woman’s neck and back before fleeing the scene.

Police say the woman 31-year-old Buathong Pinaphang, had knife wounds and cuts on her back and neck. Officers say they found a pink box cutter knife nearby that they assume Buathong used to either attack the man or defend herself.

Officers say they found 44-year-old Sanga Butngam walking down Pattaya Second Road with a knife in his hand and arrested him on murder charges.

Police say Sanga had minor injuries believed to have been caused by the quarrel with Buathong.

Sanga told police that Buathong stabbed him first before he stabbed her. Police will review nearby surveillance camera footage to investigate.

Police add that Sanga was discharged from prison last month after serving time for drug charges and also has a history of criminal offenses.