Medical certification required for drivers

Source: The Nation

From February 19, people applying for a new driver’s licence or renewing one will be required to present a medical certificate proving they do not have any conditions that may affect their driving.

The document is also necessary when a new automobile is purchased. The Department of Land Transport has set this new condition in a bid to reduce road accidents.

According to the World Health Organisation, “Thailand’s roads are said to the deadliest in Southeast Asia, with some 20,000 fatalities per year or about 56 deaths a day.”

the documents you need are:

  • If it is the first time you are applying, a signed photocopy and a translation of your national driving license if you have one.
  • If it is for a renewal, your Thai driving license.
  • A signed photocopy of your passport (front page and visa page).
  • A medical certificate (can be issued at any hospital or clinic for 50 to 100 baht).
  • Proof of address (yellow book if you have one, or letter from your embassy or from a police station stating your place of residence).

Source: Nationthailand / driving-in-thailand