Mekong drug bust methamphetamine valued at 20 million baht

Photo via Facebook/กองกำลังสุรศักดิ์มนตรี/กองอำนวยการรักษาความมั่นคงภายใน ภาค ๒ ส่วนแยก ๑

A sack of methamphetamine tablets, valued around 20 million baht, smuggled in tea packets, was seized along the bank of the Mekong River in north-east Thailand, a notorious drug trafficking route.

A longtail boat pulled up to the shore of the Isaan province Mukdahan around 3 am yesterday and the driver threw the bag onto the riverbank.

Rangers and police, who had been tipped off about a drug shipment coming in from Laos, immediately moved in and the boat sped off.

Inside the bag was 21 green packets labelled Guanyinwang tea.

Each packet had 1 kilogram of methamphetamine, according to officials.

Soldiers from the Ranger Company 2110 teamed up with police from the Anti-Trafficking person Division for the operation.

The Mekong River is a notorious route for the drug trade between Laos and Thailand.

Drug trade across the river has been under ongoing watch by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Recently, the UNODC teamed up with Thai authorities for a 2-day assessment on trafficking patterns and organised crime along the Thai-Laos border.

Source: The Thaiger