Migrant workers escaped Samut Sakhon detention and recaptured in Chon Buri

PHOTO: เครือสหพัฒน์-แหลมฉบัง-ชลบุรี

A group of Burmese workers managed to escape a detention area yesterday in the Covid-19 hotspot of Samut Sakhon. 3 later re-captured in the eastern province of Chon Buri.

The Pattaya News reports that photos showing a broken wall went viral on social media. Claiming that multiple migrant workers had destroyed the wall and torn down wire fences to escape from enforced quarantine.

The claims have sparked fear among Thai citizens and residents in the area. Who are calling on the government to enforce stricter measures on such groups.

The governor of Samut Sakhon says the photos are old and merely show an unfinished wall that has long been used as a cut-through to the fish market.

Photo: The Pattaya news

Weerasak Wijitsaengsri says migrant workers did not break the wall but admits an unknown number did flee the area where they were being quarantined.

He says the exact number is not yet known. Adding that Samut Sakhon authorities are strengthening the area with extra razor wire and concrete.

The outbreak has now reached over 1,000 cases and spilled into neighboring provinces and beyond.

Police in Chon Buri has captured 3 of the escaped Burmese workers. The reason for fleeing was to visit friends in the area. They have been detained and will undergo health.

Source: https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus