Minivan spins out of control before colliding with gas truck in Banglamung

PHOTO: Pattaya News/ Banglamung Cable TV (BTV)

An anonymous driver has been injured after his minivan reportedly whirled out of control before crashing with a gas truck in Banglamung.

Rescue workers were notified of the accident on Road Number 36 in Baan Klongyai, in the Huay Yai sub-district yesterday afternoon.

They arrived at the scene to find a damaged gas truck on the road. The driver named to the press only as Mr. Saksit was waiting for officials at the scene.

The damaged minivan was found on the side of the road. The driver who was not identified was stuck inside the minivan. Rescue workers risked their lives to free him out.

He was rushed to a local hospital for medical assistance with what was described as moderate injuries.

His minivan spun out of control just behind him and then collided into him. Mr. Saksit said the exact reason the driver of the other vehicle lost control was unclear.