Monk arrested for shooting gun at temple

Photo: News 1 Live

A monk was arrested for firing a gun at a temple in Chon Buri’s Ban Bueng district. After having a heated argument with the other monks while being drunk.

42-year-old Kritsana Yoos hasn’t been a monk for very long. Just about 2 months and only because he told his family that he will be a monk if he wins the lottery. Surprisingly he won more than 100,000 baht in the lottery.

Keeping his promise to his family Kritsana became a monk.

last night matters got heated between Kritsana and the other monks at the temple. Kritsana admitted to police that he was “severely drunk” and got into an argument with the other monks.

Kritsana says he got so angry that he called his wife to bring his handgun. He fired shots at the temple but did not hit any of the monks.

Kritsana locked himself in his room unit after the shooting and it took police 3 hours to convince him to surrender.

Police searched the unit and seized a handgun with 8 cartridges and 4 bullets.