Monsoon Valley and Gyotak celebrate successful collaboration at Hua Hin Wine Bar event


Monsoon Valley, the renowned wine producer, and Gyotak, the artisan fishmonger, proudly announce the success of their first-ever collaboration event held on Wednesday, 15 November 2023, at the Monsoon Valley Wine Bar in Hua Hin. This groundbreaking event aimed to promote and support local produce, bringing together the best of sashimi-grade fish from Gyotak and exquisite wine pairings from Monsoon Valley.

The event witnessed an overwhelming response, with a fully booked venue within days of the announcement, marking it as one of the most successful gatherings in recent memory. Attendees were treated to a five-course menu exclusively crafted from locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the unparalleled synergy between Monsoon Valley and Gyotak.
The evening unfolded with a warm welcome from Mr. Guido Campigotto, General Manager of F&B at Siam Winery Commercial, who set the tone for the night’s festivities. The reception kicked off with an exquisite display of sashimi tastings and an engaging demonstration by Gyotak artisan, Mr. Takuya Ogura.

The pinnacle of the event was the gastronomic journey curated by Executive Chef Watcharapak Kongdee from Monsoon Valley Wine Bar. The five-course menu showcased Chef Kongdee’s culinary finesse, emphasizing the artistry attainable with premium, locally sourced ingredients. Each dish was a testament to the harmonious blend of flavors and the dedication to culinary excellence.

From the captivating start with the interactive sashimi presentation to the grand finale of the meticulously crafted five-course feast, the evening was a celebration of culinary artistry and the vibrant flavors that can be achieved with a commitment to top-notch, locally procured produce.

The menu featured culinary delights such as Scallop Carpaccio served with lemongrass, shallot, tomato powder, and Thai spicy dressing; pan-seared Tuna with Meyer lemon relish, cocktail onion, fennel, radish, and cucumber melon puree; Barracuda with marinated mango in honey-fish sauce and root spring onion pickle; and Spanish mackerel with Muscat soya sauce.

Gyotak, the artisan fishmonger, stands as a pioneer in redefining the seafood landscape of Prachuabkhirikhan. Their approach involves a harmonious collaboration between Japanese fish management experts and local fisheries, resulting in sustainable business models. Gyotak’s commitment to quality extends to the very beginning of the supply chain, where local anglers are fully supported and educated to ensure a high quality, safe sashimi-grade seafood.

The company employs the traditional Japanese ‘Shime’ (締め) technique, showcasing expertise in handling, cleaning, and blood removal from fish. Furthermore, cutting-edge Japanese technology is utilized for secure storage, adhering to Japanese hygienic standards.

Gyotak’s mission goes beyond providing premium seafood; it actively seeks to curb overfishing and maximize resource utilization. This includes an ambitious goal of achieving zero food waste, demonstrated through a partnership with the Organic Durian farm in Pa-La-U. Here, Gyotak supplies organic fish fertilizer made from seafood remnants, contributing to a sustainable and responsible approach to resource management.

The Monsoon Valley and Gyotak collaboration not only celebrated the fusion of flavors but also highlighted the shared commitment to sustainability, local support, and culinary excellence. The success of this event sets the stage for future collaborations that promise to elevate the gastronomic experience in the region.