‘Mor Chana’ app proven accurate and does not violate privacy


The mobile application ‘Mor Chana’ is a tool that helps detect whether you’re near a Covid-infected person or entering a ‘high-risk’ area. It also functions as a tracking system.

But most people are in contrast with the app as they presumed it is not accurate and violates their privacy.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has confirmed that the ‘Mor Chana’ app is reliable for its Covid detection purposes and does not access any other personal information of an individual. The photos saved in the app are just for verification purposes and will not be used in other reasons, a government spokesman added.

To reiterate, by not loading the app is not illegal for people, especially for those without a smart phone. Nevertheless, vital information will still need to be gathered manually such as writing down names, contact number, travel history, etc.