More than 6,500 curfew violators in 8 days

PM Chan-o-cha announced there'll be no extension of curfew hours during his live broadcast last night.

More than 6,500 people have violated the curfew restrictions nationwide. They will all face judgment accordingly. Nevertheless, the prime minister says the current curfew hours will stay as it is and there’ll be no new measures implemented as the general public’s cooperation has seen decreasing rates of coronavirus infection.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said during last night’s live television broadcast: “Since January 4, we have been fighting together against Covid-19 for almost 100 days with countless hours of preparation, strict monitoring, a strong public health system and cooperation from all sides.”

“We now have the number of infected patients at a reasonably controlled level and a low death rate compared to other countries. This proves that the country’s extensive measures against the Covid-19 crisis have somehow been effective and several countries have even held Thailand up as a successful example of dealing with the outbreak.”

However, the PM said he was ‘seriously disappointed’ with the large number of people who violated the curfew restrictions that started eight days ago and has led to many citizens as well as netizens filing complaints about people “who are lacking social conscience”.

“People who lack conscience and responsibility to the society will just make life more miserable for those who are struggling to earn their living. I wanted to warn them to change their attitudes and cooperate with the existing measures.  the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration still has no plan to extend the current curfew hours.”

The PM had previously signed an order for those who need to work during curfew hours. They are the following:

  • Government and local authorities
  • Civil servants on duty under the order of state agencies
  • Patients in need of medical attention or needs to be quarantined
  • Transportation of medical supplies and necessary consumer products
  • Staffs at petrol stations and public utilities

Security guards
Garbage collectors
Rubber tappers

PM Chan-o-cha has also reminded the public that Songkran festival is postponed throughout the country, and they must not return to their home provinces and take part in any kind of social gatherings during this period.

This week the Health Ministry has encouraged Thais to join in the “Save Parents Campaign” urging them to avoid visiting their parents and elderly during Songkran festival.

Source: Bangkok Post