A Multi-cultural Girl in a Multi-Cultural World

A Multi-cultural Girl in a Multi-Cultural World
A Multi-cultural Girl in a Multi-Cultural World

Hua Hin is a multi-cultural community and hospitality is a multi-cultural industry.  That means that anyone  with a multi-cultural background working in the hospitality industry here has a big advantage. 

That’s one reason why Gina Sansoni is a shining star in her marketing, communications and public relations role at the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa. Gina’s multi-cultural credentials include having a Thai mother and a Swiss father. She was born and raised in Switzerland and has dual Swiss and Thai citizenship. No work permit was necessary for her; that’s already a bonus. Speaking fluent English, German, French and some Italian as well as Thai means communicating with others in our multi-cultural community is another advantage; especially if your personality is outgoing, your confidence is high and your presentation is immaculate. Once again that’s where Gina shines; she’s always ready to listen and contribute to the conversation with an engaging smile.

Gina’s entry to the hospitality world was somewhat unconventional. You may have expected that a young woman from Switzerland involved in the hospitality industry, would have attended Swiss hospitality school as a convenient entry point. After all these schools are world renowned for their training in the centuries-old Swiss tradition in the hotel business. It’s fair to say that Gina was a little lost in her early years with planning for a career not a high priority.

Somewhat rebellious teenage years and other circumstances didn’t help although she completed a three year commerce degree and was selected as the student to deliver the valedictory at graduation. Clearly Gina was showing potential which was recognised by an advertising agency that offered her a position with some promise. However she then became an unexpected single mum, on maternity leave and arrived at the family holiday home near Hua Hin looking for an alternative in Thailand.

Prior to the opening of the Marriott, Gina was recruited by the company which recognised her potential. That was is February 2016 when she was in the right place at the right time. That’s when both the Marriott and Gina realised that hospitality was her perfect career pathway. Early promotion followed and Gina now has the title of Junior Marketing, Communications & Public Relations Manager. The ‘Junior’ doesn’t really reflect the level of her responsibilities but rather her age (she’s yet to reach 30) and very modest experience. Our bet is that ‘Junior’ will be dropped from the title before too long as Gina continues to show that she has found her niche in the world of hospitality as a rising star at the Marriott.