Mussel hunters descend on Hua Hin beach during unusually low tide

Image: Talk News

Expats and locals descended on Hua Hin beach on Wednesday (May 19) after unusually low tide exposed scores of mussels on the rocks along the shoreline.

The low tide, which was the result of an annual natural phenomenon, meant that people  were able to pick the mussels right off the rocks that would normally be covered by the tide.

And pick mussels they did.

Image: Talk News

Photos shared by local Thai media showed locals and foreigners on the beach near the Centara Hotel armed with buckets and other tools to help prize the mussels from the rocks.

It was reported that some people were able to collect several kilos of the mussels – which usually sell for around 50 baht per kilo at the local market.

Others visited the beach to take selfies and marvel at the low tide, which is expected to last for another day or so.