New concept – ‘Hua Hin City of learning’ to ‘city of happiness’

New concept - ‘Hua Hin City of learning’ to ‘city of happiness’
New concept - ‘Hua Hin City of learning’ to ‘city of happiness’

During September the Mayor of Hua Hin, Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul, chaired the launch of the Hua Hin municipality development research project to promote lifelong learning, and enhance a sustainable community economy under the concept ‘Hua Hin, the city of learning to the city of happiness”.

The launch was attended by Dr. Siwat Boonkerd, Deputy Permanent Secretary/Director of the research project, staff involved in the project, as well as community scholars to exchange ideas, community representatives of Poonsuk attended to listen to the concept and principles of the project.

The purpose of the research project is to publicise the direction and ideas of the management team, in preparing to drive the learning city project that promotes community tourism in Hua Hin, focusing on the Poonsuk community to bring out its uniqueness, identity, and using local wisdom to be presented as a selling point. The Mayor mentioned how the Covid-19 epidemic had greatly affected the economic status of the city and how Hua Hin should now promote tourism with the idea of ‘1 house 1 shop’ in the Poonsuk community zone to stimulate the economy.

The plan is to collect various data from two research projects: Sub-Project 1 – Developing Hua Hin municipality into a learning city, to promote lifelong learning and sustainably uplift the community economy through the participation of network partners. Sub-Project 2 – By design and development of tools, spaces and learning innovations to create the skills required in the 21st Century 21. Residents on the community were asked to give their opinions and suggestions on any future action.