The new governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan

The new governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan
The new governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan

The new governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan has handed the heads of province and district government agencies eight policies and operational guidelines to steer government policies.

Dr. Sathien Charoenruen convened a conference of the chiefs of province and district government departments shortly after taking office as governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

To deliver policies and operational guidelines for understanding and acceptance of operational guidelines in order to drive work in accordance with government policies, important missions, and provincial policies in order to achieve the goals of various projects for the greatest benefit to the people.

There are eight primary policies that are given to the heads of government agencies at the province and district levels to adopt when it comes to operational guidelines:

1. Following and upholding the nation’s main institutions (nation, religion, monarchy), the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State, continuing the resolution, expanding and extending various royal initiatives in the province, expanding the sufficiency economy philosophy, the Royal Volunteer Project, and continuing the project/activity in His Majesty the King’s honor.

2. Maintain peace and safety in people’s lives and property, and have the appropriate agencies closely monitor and operate.

3. In the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, conduct an understanding campaign to communicate with the people and entrepreneurs in the province, implement the DMHTT measures, universal infection prevention measures (UNIVERSAL PREVENTION), Safety Measures for Organizations (COVID-FREE SETTING), including preparing for the upcoming situation in tourism and school openings.

4. Economic recovery after the epidemic of COVID-19 by asking all sectors to come together to think of projects that are beneficial to the people and to be prepared in the future, there will be budgets from many sources to support projects to restore the economy, development projects. and strengthening the fundamental economy, developing goods, tourism, services and trade, along with improving efficiency and creating added value in agriculture, promoting, improving labor skills, developing infrastructure to support recovery and developing community economic activities in order to support the opening of the country and Prachuap Khiri Khan as a tourism pilot area.

5. Committed to developing Prachuap Khiri Khan Province by focusing on the happiness of the people and have good infrastructure, people have better income and quality of life by making a provincial development plan in the short term in the year 2022 and a long-term provincial development plan in the year 66-70, focusing on 5 areas:

– Increasing tourism prominence on the basis of provincial identity in international markets. – Increasing innovation in agricultural product production, processing, and marketing-quality industry,
– Enhancing the Singkhon checkpoint’s potential growing trade and investment opportunities open up travel and connecting countries in the region,
– Increasing societal stability and quality in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.
– Improve comprehensive management of natural resources and the environment to achieve ecosystem balance and sustainability through collaboration between government sectors, private and public, and a heavy emphasis on tourism to increase tourism revenue. Which will develop orderliness, beauty, attractions, the safety of tourists, creating an impression by telling the story of each attraction. as well as public relations through modern technology for easy access to information.

In addition, creating added value for agricultural products in the form of safe agriculture and creating provincial branding, research and development, production and processing systems, as well as improving product quality and logistics systems, are all part of the research and development process. while creating a balance between conservation and industrial development, as well as increasing the capacity of fisheries properly in both local and commercial and industrial fisheries,

6. Preparedness for disasters, floods, windstorms, droughts, and pests by providing and improving plans, taking lessons, defining risky areas, and defining the preparation period for each disaster. Inform relevant people to prevent and mitigate trouble and damage to the people:

7. Manage waste management effectively by preliminary preparation of both short-term and long-term plans. In the short term, there must be a campaign to segregate waste at the source before disposing of it, which is 40-60% of household organic waste and in the long run, to jointly provide space for the establishment of a comprehensive waste disposal center by allowing local administrative organizations in that province to collaborate in order to support and comply with the 2021 Community Solid Waste Management Action Plan “Clean Province” objectives.

8. Emphasize the professional, professional performance of government officials. Dedicated. Dedicated to working, having a good service mind (service mind) to people, giving advice, giving assistance to the best of our ability, being transparent, verifiable, performing official duties with prudence, correctness, fairness and in accordance with the rules and regulations, and ready to accept changes in technology, society, culture, and different opinions of each generation to open an open mind and communicate with people with government and provincial work with good results and benefits for the people in order to create an understanding between government officials and the general public.