Officials launch anti-smoking and jellyfish awareness campaign on Hua Don beach, Khao Takiab


Officials visited Hua Don beach in Khao Takiab on Tuesday (Mar 7) to launch a new anti-smoking and jellyfish awareness campaign.

The campaign aimed to educate tourists about the harmful effects of smoking on the environment, as well as raise awareness about the dangers of jellyfish in the sea.

The Smoke-free Beach project, initiated by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Region 3 (DMCR 3), seeks to reduce cigarette litter on beaches and promote designated smoking areas.

The DMCR 3 team distributed pamphlets and flyers with information about the project warning them that smoking on the beach is punishable by fines of up to 100,000 baht and/or up to one year in jail.

In addition to promoting the Smoke-free Beach project, the DMCR also warned tourists about the presence of jellyfish in the sea.

Officials said that during the months of January to March, the sea is filled with jellyfish due to the strong waves and currents, making it important for tourists to be cautious while swimming.

To ensure that visitors were prepared for any eventuality, the DMCR provided first aid instructions to local business owners, hoteliers, and tourists.

These instructions detailed how to properly treat jellyfish stings, including rinsing the affected area with vinegar and seeking immediate medical attention.

Officials from Hua Hin Municipality said that if a tourist gets stung by a jellyfish, they should quickly use the vinegar solution that the municipality has provided at various points on the beach to treat the affected area.

Officials also thanked local business owners, hoteliers, and tourists for their excellent cooperation.

The campaign is part of a larger effort by the Thai government to protect the country’s marine and coastal resources, including implementing stricter regulations on plastic waste and encouraging sustainable tourism practices.