Officials on alert for coup protestors fleeing military crackdown

Photo: Wikipedia

Border police have increased patrols in the northern province of Chiang Rai concerning Burmese protestors may try to cross into the Mae Sai district.

Followed by a military crackdown in the Burmese border town of Tachilek as the army tries to control anti-coup rallies.

Sompong Chingduang from Thailand’s Immigration Bureau says the officials in Mae Sai continues to observe the situation in Tachilek.

On Saturday, 2 protestors were killed in Mandalay after officials fired on demonstrators protesting the February 1 coup.

The same day, thousands rallied in the town of Myawaddy, border of the Mae Sot district in the Thai province of Tak, while another protest was held in Tachilek.

The Tachilek protest was the reason between Thailand and Myanmar border being shut for 2 hours.

Sompong said nobody fleeing the military crackdown in Myanmar will be granted entry to Thailand but will instead be turned away from the border.

Fearing it would pose too much of a health risk for Thailand given the Covid-19 situation.

Source: The Thaiger