Opposition MP slashes own arm during parliament meeting

Mr Wisarn at the Vajira Hospital where he had 9 stitches after he slashed his own arm during a parliament meeting. (Photo: กรุงเทพธุรกิจ)

Mr Wisarn Techateerawat, an opposition MP from the Pheu Thai Party slashes his left arm in the Parliament during a debate on students’ rallies on Tuesday night.

During the special parliament session to discuss national solutions, the 64-year-old MP who represented the Chiang Rai province, expresses his view on students’ political rallies, saying he did not want the government to use force against the protesters.

He said he had no idea how to solve the ongoing political turmoil but he does not want see young people get hurt or being beaten by the authorities. He wanted to show he was serious about the matter.

The injured MP was later sent to Vajira Hospital where he had nine stitches.

Meanwhile, Palang Pracharath MP for Bangkok Sira Jenjaka said he was disappointed by Mr Wisarn’s behaviour, who had been a former deputy commerce minister. What Mr Wisarn did greatly tarnished the Parliament, he said.

Mr Sira said that he could not believe that the veteran representative had brought a weapon to Parliament since the act was illegal.

Source: Bangkok Post