People and Animals Thailand (PAT) are here to help sterilise and vaccinate stray and community dogs in Hua Hin


Homeless dogs in Thailand often face very tough lives. Many puppies will die young from starvation, disease and road accidents. Sterilisation is the most humane way to reduce the stray population, and enable People and Animals to peacefully co-exist.

PAT, a project by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) was originally founded in 2019 to help reduce the roaming homeless animal population in Prachuap Khiri Khan and Phetchaburi provinces, and increase their welfare. Sadly, the project paused during COVID-19. With the support of Dogs Trust Worldwide, the clinic re-opened in early 2023 and in total the project has sterilised more than 10,000 animals in the Cha-am and Hua Hin area.

For the past year, the People and Animals Thailand (PAT) team has been mostly focusing on the Cha-am area. Other groups and individuals including PAT have been working to help the dogs in the area over recent years. Now, PAT’s surveys are showing almost or above 80% sterilisation coverage in the 27 villages of the project area in Cha-am. Meaning, the team are able to move on to new areas.

The team surveys each area or village regularly in order to capture accurate data on how many dogs have been sterilised and how many are still remaining to do.

There are numerous groups, individuals and animal welfare organisations in the area doing great work, and many of the roaming animals in Hua Hin are already sterilised.

Sterilised dogs will often have a tattoo and/or a notch in their ear(s).

Get in touch with PAT if you know of any unsterilised dogs in the project area (scan QR Code below), ideally with a photo and any contact information about who is feeding them. Particularly regarding females and puppies.

The PAT team also appreciates community members making a booking and bringing the dog(s) to the clinic instead of requesting the dog catchers to travel out to you.

The team plans their daily routes to collect as many dogs as possible from specific areas. If they are not currently in your area but it is part of the project area, they can estimate when they will be able to collect dogs.

Further info about PAT

Located between Hua Hin and Cha Am, the PAT clinic was set up specifically to help reduce the local overpopulation of dogs and cats. PAT has a purpose-built clinic and operating theatre using modern anaesthesia and surgical techniques.

The team works systemically for efficiency, and tries to reach at least 80% sterilisation in each village/ area before they move on to the next one. This means that the dog catchers focus on certain areas every day.

Partially funded by Dogs Trust Worldwide, the PAT clinic is currently focusing their efforts on dogs in the project area, but are able to help a few cats too.

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Contact: | +66 99 929 2530 | Line: @patchaam