Phetchaburi cracks down on illegal drugs and e-cigarettes


Phetchaburi Province is intensifying efforts to combat illegal drugs and e-cigarettes under an urgent government policy.

The province is focusing on tightening controls in educational institutions, conducting inspections and seizures, and closely monitoring progress to maintain order and prevent drug-related crimes.

Deputy Governor Phakhaphat Songwatthanayuth, alongside heads of government agencies and officials, attended a meeting of the Phetchaburi Provincial Peacekeeping Committee and the Provincial Narcotics Prevention and Suppression Center. During the meeting, the Deputy Governor outlined the province’s comprehensive approach to public safety, which includes inspecting service establishments, entertainment venues, and fishing boats.

Mr. Songwatthanayuth emphasized the importance of integrating the work of relevant agencies to ensure public safety.

He has instructed all responsible agencies to inspect for the possession of e-cigarettes and illegal alcohol. The Deputy Governor expressed particular concern for children and youth, especially those in families with drug users, urging preventative measures to avoid potential violence and related psychiatric problems. He called for a collective effort to monitor and bring users into treatment as quickly as possible.

In addition, Mr. Songwatthanayuth highlighted the growing use of e-cigarettes among children, students, and youth. He urged close associates and educational institutions to help monitor and care for them. The province is also following up on recent arrests related to the sale of e-cigarettes.

Administrative officials from Mueang Phetchaburi District and the Special Operations Unit of Phetchaburi Provincial Volunteers recently arrested individuals selling e-cigarettes in the Mueang Phetchaburi District area. The operation resulted in the seizure of over 400 items, including disposable e-cigarettes, refillable e-cigarette devices, e-cigarette coils, refill liquids, and disposable e-cigarette liquids, with a total value of approximately 183,590 baht.

The Deputy Governor has ordered all parties to strictly enforce and crack down on those illegally selling e-cigarettes in the area. He encouraged anyone who witnesses such activities to report them to the police or local administrative officials for strict legal action.