Phetchaburi moves to attract more foreign tourists to Cha Am


Phetchaburi is making a significant effort to elevate Cha Am to international standards, aiming to expand its tourism market and attract more foreign tourists.

The initiative also seeks to enhance agricultural tourism and establish a distinct identity for Cha Am, as many visitors mistakenly believe it is part of Hua Hin. Increasing awareness of Phetchaburi is a key objective.

On May 29, 2024, at 10:30 AM, Mrs. Wanpen Mangsri, Deputy Governor of Phetchaburi Province, convened a meeting with government agency heads, private sector representatives, and the public at the Phetchaburi Provincial Hall. The meeting was part of the Phetchaburi-Cha Am Tourism Promotion Committee’s efforts to discuss the transformation of Cha Am into “Cha Am Inter” to expand the tourism market.

Mrs. Mangsri revealed that Phetchaburi Province is bringing together tourism stakeholders to accelerate marketing efforts aimed at attracting more tourists to the region. The plan includes highlighting attractions and accommodations that tourists often mistakenly associate with Hua Hin to increase awareness of Cha Am and Phetchaburi.

Additionally, the Phetchaburi-Cha Am Tourism Promotion Committee is focusing on enhancing agricultural tourism and developing diverse activities to attract international visitors.

The committee is targeting markets in China, India, Asia, and the Middle East through proactive marketing strategies.

Improvements in public transportation systems and food sanitation standards are also being emphasized to promote tourism under new norms of cleanliness, safety, and standards.

Reporting by Jamaree Anurat, Public Relations Officer of Phetchaburi Province.