PHOTO ESSAY: Take a closer look at the new Suan Son Pradiphat train station

The new Suan Son Pradiphat train station. Images: RW

These photos show the new Suan Son Pradiphat train station.

The station has been constructed as part of the overhaul of Thailand’s southern train line.

Hua Hin Today will soon be publishing a special feature about this but all the stations on the southern line, including the new Hua Hin train station, have been designed to meet Universal Design Standards.

Universal Design Standards, also known as inclusive design or design for all, refer to a set of principles and guidelines aimed at creating products, environments, and systems that can be used and accessed by as many people as possible, regardless of their age, abilities, or disabilities.

Like the other stations on the southern train line Suan Son Pradiphat train station is wheelchair friendly, includes ramps and a new pedestrian underpass, special parking bays and disabled toilets.

Look out for our special feature on the Universal Design Standards being implemented at local train stations in the print edition of Hua Hin which is due out later this week.

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