PHOTOS: Just A Few Days Old, This Abandoned Baby Deer Is Now Safe

Images: Amy Jones / WFFT /

An abandoned baby deer who is just a few days old is now safe and recovering at a wildlife hospital in Thailand.

Local villagers discovered the baby Muntjac deer, who was found all alone and without his mother, presumably having ventured from the nearby forest. He was being chased by street dogs, and likely would not have survived much longer without veterinary care.

A wildlife rescue team sent by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) then rushed him to its nearby wildlife hospital, where he was given a medical examination and has since been receiving specialist care. This includes regular bottle feeding with warmed milk.

The deer, who has been named Cha Lao, is also having daily exercise including short walks around the vet clinic. He is a little wobbly on his feet but staff say he is brave and keen to explore.

At just a few days old, the next few weeks will be vital for his survival and WFFT’s medical team are hopeful that he will pull through.

Muntjac deer are common throughout Thailand. They are also known as “barking deer”, due to the bark-like sound they make when predators are near. Males will develop small antlers that grow to around five inches in length.

Sadly in several countries, Muntjac deers like Cha Lao are a common target for trophy hunters. In the US, trophy hunt packages can be found online and are priced at around $5,000 per Muntjac.

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Images: Amy Jones / WFFT / Been Vichayada