PHOTOS: Loy Krathong celebrations illuminate Hua Hin


The festival of Loy Krathong, a time-honored tradition of paying homage to the goddess of water, illuminated various locations across Hua Hin on Monday, November 27, drawing locals and tourists alike to take part in the festivities.

A colourful night at Khao Tao Reservoir

Khao Tao Reservoir became a splash of colors and lights as individuals, families, and groups gathered to float their krathongs decorated with candles and flowers. This act, deeply rooted in Thai culture, symbolizes the shedding of bad luck and the embracing of good fortune.

More eco-friendlier krathongs

In a long overdue move towards a more environmental sustainability Loy Krathong, there was a noticeable increase in biodegradable krathongs at Khao Tao Reservoi this year. Amidst concerns over pollution and trash associated with the festival, efforts were made to promote eco-friendly practices. Notably, a large net was placed to facilitate post-festival cleanup, marking a significant step towards a greener celebration.

Siam Venezia Hua Hin – Cha Am

Siam Venezia in Hua Hin – Cha Am buzzed with a varied mix of activities that catered to a diverse crowd. The event had a large culinary element, offering a taste of local Thai cuisine. Adding to the charm were live music performances and a traditional Thai costume competition, culminating in the floating of krathongs in the Venetian-style waterways.

Ban Takiab Municipal School

Ban Takiab Municipal School also joined in the celebrations, attracting a large number of Thai and foreign tourists. The area close to the school turned into a bustling hub where people came together to float their krathongs, a gesture of respect towards the goddess of water.