Police fired water cannons to break up latest protest

Police fired blue chemical water cannon at the protesters, trying to break up an anti-government rally at the Pathumwan intersection (Photo by Apichit Jinakul)

Police last night fired water cannons at the student protesters to stop their latest demonstration in Bangkok who were gathered in an otherwise a non-violent display of unity.

The protesters, mostly university students, demanded for the release of their fellow activists who had been arrested since October 14, as well as continuing their demands for a change of government and constitutional reform.

It was the third day display of determination by the protesters which is now growing in number, that their demands should not be ignored or taken for granted.

The height of last night’s rally started around 8:30pm when riot police moved towards the protesters with shields and batons and fired up high-powered water cannons composing of blue chemicals, knocking down the students, who were unarmed and equipped only with umbrellas.

Angered by the interference, the students retaliated by throwing bottles, stones and anything they could find around them, yelling “stop harassing us!”

Report said 6 police were injured and 13 student protesters were wounded during the confrontation at the Pathumwan intersection.

Bangkok is currently under the State of Emergency which prevents, amongst other things, the assembly of more than 5 people in a place. PM Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha announced today that the State of Emergency would last at least one month.

Sources: Bangkok Post | The Thaiger