Police officers injured in a bomb trap

Photo: Nation Thailand
Five police officers were injured in Narathiwat province when an explosive went off while they were examining a burning cell tower.

The attack happened on Iregasae–Srisakhon Road in Sri Sakhon subdistrict at 11.30 am.

Sri Sakhon Police Station was called to examine a cell tower which had been set on fire. When police reached the site, a bomb planted nearby went off.

Damaging the police pickup truck and injuring the five officers. They were sent to Sri Sakhon Hospital for treatment and are now in a stable condition.

Photo: The Nation

Narathiwat deputy police chief Pol Colonel Suthon Sukwiset said the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team (EOD) investigated the situation and found the bomb had been placed under the road surface and wired to a 25kg LPG cylinder.

Officials assume that the bomb was ignited by a communication radio signal. The bombing could be a planned attack on officials by an unknown group of rebels.

Earlier that morning, an anonymous suspect had set fire to a cell tower using motorcycle’s tyres as fuel, probably in an attempt to lure officials into the bomb trap.

Source: Nation Thailand