PM’s charter change gained confidence

PM Gen Prayut supports the constitutional amendment.

Political parties have welcome Prime Minister Gen Prayut’s pledge to support constitutional amendment as the House committee has agreed to amend and draw up a new constitution.

Bangkok Post reported on Wednesday that Deputy Democrat Party leader Nipit Intarasombat, who’s also a member of the committee, said he’s confident that Gen Prayut has been sincere in the charter rewrite because it is also one of the government’s policies.

“The prime minister said he will listen to the House committee which consist 49 members from various parties. He has also told agencies to gather opinions from the public and student protesters. He is eager to hear what they have to say. This is a nice gesture,” Mr Nipit added.

Gen Prayut also confirmed to reporters that he supports the constitutional amendment and his party will present its own version in the next parliamentary session.

A charter amendment is one of the demands of the various student groups who held numerous protests nationwide.

One of the key proposals is to resolve Section 256 of the constitution so as to make constitutional changes more flexible.

The section should be altered so an assembly can be established to draft a new constitution — a process which may take up to two years.

Chief opposition and Pheu Thai Party MP for Maha Sarakham Sutin Klungsang, also a member of the committee, said Gen Prayut’s response to support the constitutional amendment was a good gesture.

However, the prime minister must provide more precise details regarding the amendment on a specific date, Mr Sutin said.

Mr Sutin also said the opposition parties will present their version of a charter rewrite bill to parliament on August 15, together with the House committee’s submission of its charter changes.

Source: Bangkok Post