Pro-democracy protesters laid out plans for Oct 14 rally

Student protesters taken in March 2020.

The pro-democracy activist group had given out details of their October 14 protest in Bangkok. Human rights lawyer Arnon Nampa confirmed that the rally will start off approximately at 2pm on Wednesday at the Sanam Luang, a public square opposite the Grand Palace.

Protesters will gather at the capital’s Democracy Monument and will begin their action by removing plants placed there by officials in an attempt to block the activists. The gesture will be purely symbolic, to signify a reclamation of public land.

Arnon says they’re planning to camp out overnight to force the government into responding to their demands. It is estimated that the turnout of the upcoming rally should exceed that of the September 19 protest. It is also anticipated that other university students and labour unions will be joining in.

The October 14th rally is being organised to commemorate the 47th year anniversary of the historical uprising that ended the military rule of Thanom Kittikachorn and turned around the Thai political system.

Anti-government protests have been taking place nationwide since July, with activists demanding the resignation of the prime minister, dissolution of parliament and re-writing of the country’s constitution.

Sources: Nation Thailand | The Thaiger