Protest leaders plans to upgrade their security forces

Police try to separate Thai royalists supporters, in yellow, from pro-democracy protesters during an anti-government protest in Bangkok Photo: Rungroj Yomgrit/EPA/Shutterstock

Anti-government protest leaders will ditch their current volunteer security forces and replace them with trained professionals.

Protest leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak posted on his Facebook on Friday that the People’s Movement had disbanded its security volunteers unit.

They would seek team of professionals to take over the security tasks to ensure the demonstrators’ safety. He did not say where they would be drawn from.

Currently, the protesters have just relied on volunteer security guards during their rallies.

“The decision had been made to bring in professionals, to better protect protesters from the authorities as the security guards were the only ‘main weapon’ in their political campaigns,” said the student activist.

Original writer: Online Reporters
Source: Bangkok Post
Photo: Rungroj Yomgrit/EPA/Shutterstock