Right-wingers to stage massive rally tomorrow

Anti-government protesters gather at the Democracy Monument in Bangkok on July 18. (Photo: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul)

A group of right-wing and dedicated supporters of the current government who called themselves ‘Archeewa Chuai Chart’ will stage a rally tomorrow in response to the ongoing protests by student activists.

A statement released on Tuesday says the Archeewas Chuai Chart group condemned the Free Youth group and the Student Union of Thailand for their anti-government protest on July 18, demanding the government to dissolve the parliament, stop using oppressive laws against political opponents and rewrite the constitution.

The student activists warned if their demands were not met within two weeks, their activism act will be “upgraded” to the next level.

The right-wing group claimed there were evidence the student activists used fake news and false information to cause misunderstanding about the monarchy, which had nothing to do with their demands.

The students’ actions could actually wind up escalating conflicts in the country, the group warned.

Deputy Democrat Party leader Nipit Intarasombat, head of the House committee assigned to revise charter reforms, said that the committee has until mid of September to finalise the constitutional amendments.

He noted that proposed amendments must benefit the public and boost democracy, not the politicians and political parties. He added that the activists’ demand for amendments have already been presented to the panel for discussion.

“The government should not initiate a process to amend the constitution itself. This could be seen as a motivation for self-interest. It should be handled by the MPs, House of Representatives and various political parties to rewrite the constitution,” says Nipit.

Original writer: Post Reporters
Source: Bangkok Post