“Stay away from CPB” – Police warn protesters


Police have warned protesters at Wednesday’s Bangkok rally in to stay at least 150 metres away from the Crown Property Bureau (CPB) or they will be arrested.

About 6,000 policemen had been assigned to handle Wednesday’s protest as peaceful as possible. As for the offenders, strict law would be enforced accordingly.

Pol Col Kissana Phathanacharoen, deputy spokesman of the Royal Thai Police, said that the protest movement led by Ratsadon (People’s Movement) and the Free Youth group had not acquired any permission yet from the police to hold their Wednesday’s rally.

He said that while the right to hold rallies was allowed by the constitution, demonstrators must remain within the perimeter of public assembly law by requesting permission from the police at least 24 hours prior to the rally. Rallies must also be peaceful and not contravene on others’ rights, he said.

Army chief Gen Narongphan Jittkaewtae said that police would be the main security force on Wednesday’s movement however, soldiers will also be on stand-by if reinforcement is needed.

Source: Bangkok Post