Student flash mob in Chiang Mai as anti-government protests keep popping up


For the second time in less than a week, activists took over Chiang Mai’s famous landmark Tha Pae Gate last night around 5pm. Their message was clear in banners and in slogans showed by the group: Freedom.

Police watched closely as hundreds of people gathered, dressed in cosplay attire, wearing masks and holding signs expressing their individual wishes for Thai sovereignty. Organisers and attendees shared songs, poetry, performance art and spoken word in a rather peaceful manner, local police kept a close eye behind the growing crowd.

This event was organised by a Thai group known as the “Wilar Party” or the “Cat Party”. The Wilar Party proclaims to “Stand by the (college) students, create welfare standards and protect human rights”. This specific event hosted by Wilar Party was titled “#cosplaymob”. Wilar Party organisers and protesters came from neighbouring northern cities such as Lampang, Lampoon and Nan.

Political reform, freedom of speech, sex-worker rights, equality and were expressed during the protest. At around 7pm rain began as the energised crowds slowly dispersed into the night. No arrests were made.

By Will Langston | The Thaiger
(Will Langston is a guest writer for The Thaiger living in Chiang Mai)