Pollitos: A gold star for hospitality in Hua Hin


From the first moment I set foot in Pollitos in Hin Lek Fai, I felt welcomed and the food was refreshingly like in Australia.

I am used to golden rotisserie whole chicken, whether cooked in an electric oven or over hot coals, and the chicken at Pollitos never disappoints. And the abundant side dishes and home-made stuffing are a treat in themselves.

A whole chicken package, whether to eat in or take away, is a sumptuous and satisfying meal for 4 adults, and unless you are particularly hungry, there will probably be leftovers for consumption the following day.

But the thing that gets my gold star is the hospitality of the owner’s husband, Graham Wheeler. When we took some friends to eat at Pollitos recently, we were astounded at Graham’s generosity.

Our Swiss friends have visited Hua Hin over many years now, but a few months ago made their lasting move to Hua Hin and now reside in a complex just up the round and around the corner from the restaurant.

Neither of them owns or drives a car, and although it is not far to walk from their home to Pollitos, my friends are younger in spirit than in body, the roads have no footpath and would be dangerous to walk, particularly at night.

Getting a Grab in Hin Lek Fai for a small hop of less than a couple of kilometrs is a challenge at the best of times.

But, being the gentleman he is, Graham pulled out his business card and offered to pick my friends up should they wish to dine. That’s gold, five-star service. Now, where can I buy this man a trophy?

Graham Wheeler