Preventative Health & Holistic Wellness: Discover Your Aura with PhysioFit® & Chromalive®


Kru Em offers individual Aura/ Biopulsar® consultation, utilizing the Biopulsar Reflexograph Imaging System to learn how balanced you are physically and to understand how thoughts and feelings affect your well-being.

The Biopulsar analysis of Aura, Chakra, and forty-nine organs’ reflexology zones enables Kru Em to recommend ‘Practical & Specific Holistic Wellness Guidelines’ to co-create balance of Mind-Body & Energy with real results.

♦️ ‘Discover Your Aura’ Consultation 60 min: 1,800 Baht.

  • Find out the state of your physical health, mind power, and intuition!
  • Learn how instinctive emotional responses to stress affect your physical body.
  • Discover how Gym Equipment Workout & At-Home Flexibility Exercise by PhysioFit® can enhance Holistic Fitness & Weight Management

Kru Em, B.Sc. Healthcare Management

Biopulsar Analyst & Instructor

Certified Classical Feng Shui Practitioner (AFSI) Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Quantum-Touch Instructor.

                                                                                                                                    With 40 years’ experience in conventional, alternative, preventive and holistic health care, she has empowered clients from all walks of life from all over the world, including special needs children, professional trainers, single mothers, couples, families, high profile individuals, holistic practitioners, as well as companies such as Six Senses and Christian Dior.

♦️ Chromalive Colour Therapy’ 45 min: 1,350 Baht

Experience the natural healing effect of crystal & colour therapy. Chromalive is a directed light, holistic beauty and wellness therapy instrument utilizing colour wavelength filters through a quartz tip, applied directly on reflexology zones of your hand or face.




Recommended: ‘Signature Massage’ at Blue Lotus Well-Being Spa 50 min: 1,500 Baht

                                                                                                                              Dates: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of September– November 2023

Location: Wyndham Hua Hin Pranburi Resort & Villas

Contact Kru Em: Thailand 092-461-6681 or N. America +1 914 861 4981