Prime Minister of Thailand walks out of a parliamentary debate


Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha walked out of a parliamentary debate in an apparent huff that MPs were laughing instead of listening to him.

Thai PBS World reports the incident happened in parliament yesterday afternoon, while the PM was explaining the southern economy zone project as part of the debate.

Accusing some of those present of not paying enough attention, he ended his speech abruptly and walked out.

PHOTO: Thai Post

“I think I will stop here because no one is listening, but laughing. That is enough, thank you.”

The PM entered the debate after an accusation from opposition MP Prasertpong Sornnuwat, from the Khao Klai Party, who accused the Deputy interior Minister Nipon Boonyamanee of abuse of power.

Prasertpong has accused Nipon of displacing villagers in the southern province of Songkhla by forcing them to sell their land to make way for developments in the southern economic zone project.

The PM tried to defend the project, pointing out that issues in the south are complicated and saying the government is working to solve them and bring prosperity to the region.

However, it appears he grew frustrated that some were not listening to his explanation, accusing them of laughing at him, before walking out.

Source: The Thaiger