Private and Public firms can now apply to grow hemp

Photo: The Nation

Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will allow government agencies, private companies, farmers and the public to apply to grow hemp from January 29.

The Public Health Ministry removed the plant species from the category V narcotics list in November. According to ministerial regulations, the import of hemp seeds for growing will be allowed within five years after being removed from the narcotics list.

FDA vice secretary-general Supattra Boonserm said people can apply to grow hemp for any purpose – commercial, medical, educational, research or for traditional use.

Hemp fibre and its oil extract are also allowed for use as material or ingredients in the textile, food and beverage, food supplementary, and cosmetics industries.

Candidates must apply in the area in which they wish to grow hemp. Bangkok residents can apply at the FDA’s head office, while residents in other provinces must apply at their provincial public health offices.

“On February 2, the FDA will run an online training course via Facebook Live @FDAThai on how to apply for growing hemp and how to register health-related products made from hemp.

For more information, contact tel 02-590-7771-3

Source: Nationthailand