Quarantine may possibly be reduced to 1 week, starting November

Foreign passengers aboard a flight en route to Bangkok on Sept 23. Strict measures are still observed during the flight. (Photo: Arnold Oblena)

Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn says the 14-day mandatory quarantine for overseas visitors could be reduced to 7 days if there is no spike in Covid-19 infections after the border re-opens next month.

At this stage, it is only an assumption as far as the ministry is concern.

He says more details on the Special Tourist Visa (STV) will be made available after the Cabinet’s meeting this Tuesday. The STV is expected to grant entry to long-stay visitors starting 1st October.

In addition, visitors can extend their stay twice, 90 days for each extension – a total of 270 days. Under the current STV proposal, each extension will only cost 2,000 THB.

The government is being very careful with its plans to re-open borders to international arrivals.

Meanwhile, Bangkok Post reported that “if the first 300 foreign tourists has arrived and fulfilled the 14-day mandatory quarantine period without testing positive of the virus, it may be possible to increase the number of visitors entering the country and reduce their length of the quarantine,” says the minister.

Sources: Bangkok Post | The Thaiger