Record number of new COVID-19 cases reported in Cha Am

Image: Thairath

Thai Rath reported that the Facebook page of the local authority in the popular seaside town of Cha Am said there were 107 new cases of Covid-19 there.

This was after testing of migrant workers and fishing boat crews in the area of Saphan Mai and Klong Thian.

Eighty five cases were found by proactive testing on Thursday and a further 22 on Sunday.

This was a record for the district this year bringing the total number of cases recorded since April to 457.

Cha-Am district chief Phakhapas Songwattanayuth has ordered a ramping up of testing in the two cluster areas among locals and migrant workers.

Cha-Am (along with nearby Hua Hin) are areas where the government hoped to reintroduce foreign tourists within 120 days.

This plan, proposed by the Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha is now looking increasingly in jeopardy as Covid-19 infections continue to rise in many places in Thailand.

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