Red light Cameras start Fining Drivers from September 1

30 Red Light cameras have now been installed in and around Bangkok

Smile, you’re on the new red light camera. The new CCTV and software systems to catch red light runners and jumpers will be ready this Sunday, September 1. There are 30 cameras now stationed at intersections around Bangkok.

Pol. Col. Kitti Ariyanon reports that “everything is 100% ready” and the cameras are able to spot drivers running through red lights at any time of the day or in any weather conditions. The cameras are all linked to a “mission control”, called BK02, where the camera operations are monitored.

Automatic fines will now arrive in the post and, according to Article 22 of the 1979 traffic law, the fine will be 1,000 Baht for a violation. Payment of the fines can easily be monitored and checked when you register or apply for road tax for your car each year.

Source: Thai Rath