Releasing Aquatic Species


Last month, Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, the permanent secretary of Hua Hin municipality, together with the staff of the Social Welfare Division, undertook to release Quvenile fish and shrimp to mark the occasion of the celebration of the Birthday of Queen Suthidha. This is a project to support the occupational development of fisheries communities for the fiscal year 2021, and to strengthen their fabric within the local environment.

The project is a collaboration of local fishing community organisations, anchor fishery groups, and Sala Ruam Jai Community on the occasion of Her Majesty Queen Suthidha’s Birthday on 3rd 1une 2021, the fish species were released at Saphan Pla Hua Hin bridge. On the same day volunteer staff along with employees of the Welfare and Social Affairs Division, and The Medical Division, went out to the community to donate bags and health checks to the elderly.