Residents in Smorprong voice concern over regular burning of trash

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Residents living in the Smorprong area of Hua Hin are raising concerns over the regular burning of trash in their neighborhood.

They claim that for years, people have been burning trash, which they say includes garden waste and plastic, causing a significant amount of smoke to be pumped into the air.

Despite their multiple complaints to the local authorities and the police, little has been done to stop the burning.

The residents, who spoke to Hua Hin Today on the condition of anonymity, said that most of the burning takes place close to a nearby temple during the late afternoon and early evening or at night, under the cover of darkness.

Hua Hin Today witnessed burning taking place at approximately 10 am on a weekday morning.

The residents say they are unable to open their windows due to the unpleasant smell and smoke from the burning.

This means they cannot enjoy fresh air in their homes, which is particularly frustrating during hot and humid days.

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Furthermore, the smoke from the burning also affects their laundry, with freshly washed clothes often smelling of smoke after drying outdoors.

One resident told Hua Hin Today that they are sometimes forced to wear a face mask when gardening.

The regular burning is not only a nuisance for the residents, it is also having a significant impact on their health.

One resident, who has a respiratory condition, has been advised by their doctor to remain indoors to avoid exposure to the smoke.

Their indoor air purifier, which also measures air quality, regularly reports a reading of three digits, which indicates the air quality inside their home is unhealthy.

It is unclear who is responsible for burning the waste. However, one of the residents reported seeing trucks transporting “garden waste” to the burning site.

In any case, the situation is causing distress for the residents, who have to endure the unpleasant smell and hazardous fumes.

The residents also expressed their frustration that their complaints to the local authorities seem to have not been taken seriously and that the burning continues unabated.

They called on the local authorities to take decisive action to address the problem.